Planning & Design

Planning Services

The most crucial step to this process starts with me listening to your vision and ideas and make recommendations that compliment the flow and feel that you have in mind. We would work together as a team to collaborate and finalize all planning details for your event. I would provide recommendations on the creative specifics of your event. A master plan would be created that unfolds your vision and defines all details of the event to ensure a seamless planning phase. Following are the items we would focus on during this process:



¨   Assist with formalizing your vision

¨   Collaborate to finalize your concept

Vendor Selections

¨     Venue Selection

¨     Venue Preview

¨   Photographer

¨   Videographer

¨   Bakery

¨   Florist

¨     DJ

¨     Soloist

¨   Other Entertainment (specify)


¨     Save the Date Selection

¨     Save the Date Wording

¨     Formal Invitations Selection

¨     Formal Invitation Wording


¨     Assist with managing responses

¨     Develop a Excel/Word document to track responses

¨   Assist with follow up- non responders

Name Place Cards

¨     Assist with selecting

¨     Purchase on clients behalf if needed

¨     Create cards using template provided if purchased

¨   Take document to printer to print on clients behalf, seeking reimbursement

The Celebration

¨   Assist with determining the who, what, when details of your event (speakers, entertainment, etc.)

Party Favors

¨     Assist with ideas and inspirations




We would work together as a team and collaborate on all design styling components that compliments your thoughts and theme.

Patio décor

Dining area decor

Linen selections (venue)

Special linens


Determine best use for various spaces in the room

Signage (to direct your guests)



A report will be generated as a tool to track and monitor status of completed and pending tasks. The report will be updated regularly and distributed for your review and information.



If you have any DIY projects that you would like my assistance with a flat fee or hourly quote can be provided.



Lastly, if hiring me as your event planner does not work with your budget, I completely understand. In this case you may want to consider scheduling a Final Conceptual Consultation.   During this meeting I will share the vision, thoughts and ideas I have in mind, (based on our initial consultation) which you can execute on your own should you elect to do so.  Flat fee for this service starts at $300.00 and varies depending on the simplicity and or intricacies related to the event.


Offering services for your occasion.  Call today 562-755-2195 to schedule your free consultation and receive a personalized quote for your event.


 "I hear what my client says and what they don't say... I hear what their dream says too!"     ~ Recci J.