Special Events Day-of-Coordination

Yes it's true!!!.... Day-of-Coordination Services are available for every event, not just weddings.   This means that you can have the  leisure to take the time you need on the day of your event to simply relax and focus on getting beautiful for your event.  Securing these services help to minimize the hussle on your event day.   And it's guaranteed to reduce your stress level.   It also relieves you, your family and friends from having to focus on managing the tasks that must be coordinated on the day of your event. Instead, EVERYONE can come, relax and simply enjoy every beautiful moment of the beautiful memories being made during your celebration.

--- Services Include ---

Before the Event

  1. Complimentary consultation (up to 2 hours).
  2. Two (2) in-person meetings.
  3. Unlimited phone and email communication, between hours of 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m (Monday-Saturday).
  4. Prepare a detailed timeline and distribute an advanced copy to all vendors.
  5. Contact vendors one - two weeks before the event day to confirm arrival times, remaining balances, set-up and break down schedules.
  6. Schedule a venue walk through.
  7. Prior to your event day, arrange to retrieve items from you all items you have that are needed for your event set-up (DYI projects, champagne glasses, guest keepsakes/favors, etc).

Day of Event

  1. Events by Recci J. will be the first to arrive and one of the last to leave ensuring your event day flows beautifully and is flawless!
  2. My services will include 1 assistant coordinator who will help with set-up, welcoming guests, the social hour activity and guests seating in the main venue area. Please note, that once your guests are seated the assistant will leave for the evening.
  3. Main point of contact for all vendors, including venue and your MC. You just relax and enjoy!
  4. Assist client throughout the evening as needed, ensuring you are comfortable and any concerns addressed.
  5. Ensure venue set up meets client's expressed desire.
  6. Oversee vendor arrival, set up and performance
  7. Ensure event flows according to the timeline.
  8. Manage issues and unforeseen matters.
  9. Ensure payment of vendor balances on client’s behalf.
  10. Collect gifts and place them in the designated vehicles at the end of the event.
  11. Oversee vendor cleanup.

 "Every event has a personality... Your event should look like your dream!"   ~ Recci J.