Kind Words from Grateful Clients


With her by my side, every single desire and beyond was met on the day of my wedding.

Without reservation or hesitation, I recommend Mrs. Lurecca Jefferson (Events by Recci J) to any bride whether you believe you need a wedding planner/coordinator or not. Let me tell you, you do need one. I attempted to plan my wedding on my own, with my now husband of course, but honestly, I began to unravel. Managing everything from vendors, to friends and family can be extremely overwhelming. Where’s the time to take care of you and your desires without appeasing everyone else?

Mrs. Jefferson stepped in days before my wedding and turned everything around with her dynamic skills. I was in awe at her work ethic. She payed attention to every intricate detail, she worked effectively and efficiently under pressure, and her time management skills were exemplary. There is no need for exaggeration in this letter because her poise and work speak volumes for her. I am simply expressing my experience with such a woman who’s morally sound in judgement, and who is determined to make your vision come alive on your once in a lifetime special day. Yes, she is every bit of amazing.

Mrs. Lurecca Jefferson has a wealth of knowledge, recommendations and ideas that will put you at ease. She’s able to handle difficult people or situations with such grace yet she’s firm in resolution. She is well balanced, extremely organized, clear and thorough in her communication. Mrs. Jefferson was always available, easily accessible, and professional. At times she was even a counselor encouraging me every step of the way. She goes above and beyond for you because she loves to. Oh, how astounding is she.

With her by my side, every single desire and beyond was met on the day of my wedding. All I had to focus on was being at peace in my heart, being fabulous, and enjoying every bit of my special day. Everyone is still speaking of how beautiful and breathtaking my wedding was. I had no worries because I had Mrs. Lurecca Jefferson doing what she does best.

I am touched to tears because my wedding day was a success simply because of her. She is an absolute treasure and a prized possession to anyone who would have her for any occasion as an event planner.


~ Charmaine P.

Lurecca gets the job done with her heart, grace, authenticity and thoughtfulness.

Lurecca J. Jefferson of “Events by Recci J”, recently planned my business event. The event was planned beautifully and it was a great success.  I could not have accomplished the level of planning, detail, organization and success without her.

Lurecca’s eye for detail is impeccable. She is very organized and detailed in her planning.  She is unyielding in keeping the event, and the client on task.  She accomplishes this through regular status meetings with the client.

She has an eye for that which is elegant and appropriate for the occasion.  It does not matter whether the event is simple, small, large, life changing or for business.  If Lurecca sees an opportunity for upscale improvement or otherwise, she graciously makes mindful, rich suggestions to the client.

Lurecca gets the job done with her heart, grace, authenticity and thoughtfulness.

I highly recommend Lurecca Jefferson of “Events by Recci J”, for your event.

Most sincerely,

~ Mary C.

 Her talent far exceeded my expectations.

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Lurecca Jefferson. Lurecca helped me plan my beautiful wedding that took place on August 3, 2013, in Marina Del Rey, California.  Lurecca was responsible for the beautiful reception decorations and the overall details of my wedding. The wedding website, reception centerpieces, table overlays, custom designed greeting card box and guest favors were all her original ideas. Lurecca also designed my wedding programs that we decided to attach to wicker fans. Her talent far exceeded my expectations. I found her extremely easy to work with, very detail oriented, and her ideas were always on point. It was my pleasure working with her and I’d highly recommend her as an event planner for any occasion.

Warm regards,

~ Tanya L.

She turned what could have been a backyard jumping the broom into a very Special Ceremony ......

I recently had the opportunity to work with Lurecca. My niece asked if she could have a small intimate wedding in my backyard. I had known of Lurecca being creative because I’d seen some of her decorative ideas. She did the decorating for luncheons and Mother’s Day parties that I had attended.  I realized it was a last minute decision my niece had made and I knew the budget would be very tight. I figured maybe Lurecca could put up a few balloons and coordinate some table cloths.   I called Lurecca and explained what we had in mind, she immediately asked to meet with us to see the backyard. To our surprise and delight she totally transformed the backyard. She had so many beautiful ideas for every area of the backyard. She created a beautiful isle for the bride and groom to walk down. She touched every area of the back yard with crystal and pearls and chandeliers. She created a lovely program on pearlized paper, a very special unexpected touch. There was one on each chair for the guest to follow and have as a keepsake.

We had never planned a wedding so we really appreciated all the thoughtful attention to details. Although we had no wedding planning experience Lurecca made us feel like our opinion mattered.  She turned what could have been a backyard jumping the broom into a very Special Ceremony for my very Special niece. We are forever Thankful for Lurecca’s attention to details and passion for all things lovely.

~ Kimberly P.

My affair was more than I dreamed because of her.

When my daughter and I discussed my retirement celebration I knew Lurecca Jefferson was the person I wanted to plan and coordinate my affair. I was a guest at a wedding where Lurecca was the planner and coordinator. The wedding and reception was beautiful and well put together. I knew that she would ensure my affair would be done well.

At our first meeting I had no ideal what I wanted and that included colors. At the end of our meeting we had colors for the affair and other suggestions to think about. From that point Lurecca’s ability to help me accomplish my vision of the celebration was amazing. Her creativity and knowledge of vendors helped me produce table cloths, center pieces, other items, and guest keepsakes that were not only beautiful but were within my budget. Working with someone that was as professional, flexible and able to accomplish my vision when I could not put it into words was amazing. My affair was more than I dreamed because of her.

~ Shirley C.

She is kind, gentle, creative and always willing to serve and assist by whatever means necessary. 

It was my sincere pleasure to have worked with Lurecca Jefferson.   Events by Recci J. planned and coordinated my MSW Graduation party in May 2017.  She is kind, gentle, creative and always willing to serve and assist by whatever means necessary.  Lurecca is very personable.  She managed my event with seamless efficiency.


~ Keya E.

Your creative technique and special talents are an eye catcher…….

My family and I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did decorating and coordinating 2 separate milestone birthday party’s (50th and 70th) at the Skylinks Golf Course banquet hall. Your promptness, unique creativity and organizational skills are amazing!

My husband was referred to various event planners and was not satisfied with either of them. But when I told him about you and he saw your professionalism and how easy you were to work with, we were satisfied in choosing you as our event planner. Your creative technique and special talents are an eye catcher, we’ve seen you transform a simple room into a beautiful venue. Not once were we dissatisfied with your service.

You made sure that every decorative detailed was communicated from beginning to end and that’s what makes you an awesome event planner.

Thank you for your outstanding work, we will continue to use your services and we will definitely refer you to all our family, friends and co-workers.


~ Prince & Annette

Her collaborative working style is one of patient strength as she listens attentively…..

It is indeed my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Lurecca Jefferson of Events by Recci J, as my experience with her dates back over 20 years.  I have had the unique privilege of both working alongside her on various events as well in the capacity of a client, where she consulted me on my own creatively inspired endeavors.  Her collaborative working style is one of patient strength as she listens attentively to what is spoken and unspoken to determine where her gifts would be best utilized.   She instinctively asks the right questions, that ultimately result in bringing clarity and calm to the clients’ vision.  This is when the magic occurs, long before the day of the event. 

 Lurecca’s attention to details, finely honed foresight and intentional focus on what really matters is a welcoming breeze and one that flows freely and consistently throughout the project.  She follows up and follows through on every task by maintaining a timeline system that she developed years ago and still uses currently.  She is organized, thorough, experienced, and capable of designing/consulting on events of various sizes, types, and budgets, all of which receive the same care and attention.    She is witty, warm, rooted, and spirited… creative, confident, accomplished and humble.  These qualities are indeed crucial to have on your team whether planning an elaborate wedding, corporate event, or intimate gathering. 

 I have been witness to and on the receiving end of her talents and gifts many times over and I gladly endorse Events by Recci J. Planning & Consulting as a premier organization. 


~ Barbara L.

She was able to see beauty in a space and come up with these amazing ideas. 

Lurecca has a commanding presence when she walks into a room.  She is personable and has an outgoing personality.  People feel comfortable around her because she shows interest in what they have to say.  She leads by example, respecting those she engages with and her peers highly respect her!

I was able to see firsthand Lurecca step into her destiny while she organized special events for the Rites of Passage Ministry at Faithful Central Bible Church.  She was a true professional and very detailed oriented when assigning tasks.  She easily generated data due to her organizational skills.  She created tasks summaries so that everyone was up to date on the events as well as prepared layouts for the designated space that needed to be decorated.  She had amazing record keeping skills.  She was able to recognize and diffuse any situation that may have occurred.  And she followed through to ensure the tasks were completed.

Not only did Lurecca provide leadership, she also was a great listener and a team player.  Her creativity would leave me in awe.  She was able to see beauty in a space and come up with these amazing ideas.  We saw her vision and made it come to fruition.  But she also received our suggestions and welcomed them with open arms.  The events were always a success through her guidance.

Lurecca is a woman of excellence.  She is very dedicated and would be a true blessing.


Cherise D.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Words can not express how thankful I am for all your assistance at my birthday celebration.  Your helpfulness and MC duties are truly appreciated.  I see why you have made event planning your passion.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ Sherrell H.

You made this event into a passion of your own and my mother and I are so grateful.

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the work you put into this event.  You made this celebration a passion of your own and my mother and I are so grateful.  The words (via texts and emails) of encouragement demonstrated that you are truly a special individual and I thank God we crossed paths.  Clearly our meeting each other was orchestrated by Him!  Wishing you much success!

~ Victoria & Mom


 "What I've learned is that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
~Maya Angelou